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Pressure Washing in Santa Barbara

The aesthetic appearance of the car is not the only reason to visit the car wash. It’s no secret that dust, dirt and road chemicals have an extremely negative effect on the condition of the paintwork and metal. If you do not keep the car clean, the paint loses its luster over time, and the first traces of corrosion appear on the body. The surest way to extend the life of a car is, oddly enough, to wash it regularly.


It would seem that not so long ago, the most popular method of cleaning a car body from the dirt was a hand wash, and the main working tools were a bucket of water and a rag. Today the situation has changed dramatically.

Cesar’s Auto Detail offers one of the best pressure washing services in Santa Barbara. We use only a non-contact method, thanks to which it is possible to quickly and effectively give the car a clean look while not damaging its paintwork due to the complete absence of an abrasive effect (without the use of brushes, sponges, etc.). 

The non-contact pressure washing method allows you to get rid of dust and dirt in the most inaccessible places without the risk of touching and damaging antennas, mirrors and decorative elements on the body.

We make sure that our visitors can get everything they need in one place quickly and efficiently. This is how we work, offering you only professional services at great prices.

Pressure washing is one of the most popular types of services that we provide every day. In the process of cleaning the surface of your car, neither a rag nor a sponge will touch it – a three-stage cleaning takes place under the pressure of clean water and the action of active foam. The procedure is completed by drying the body, and the service itself does not exceed 20-25 minutes

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