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Carpet Steam Cleaning in Santa Ynez, CA

Each owner of the car comes to the understanding that the dry cleaning of the car should be carried out regularly and with the involvement of experienced professionals. Cesar’s Auto Detail can minimize your costs and guarantee a high level of service.


We are an ambitious team of professionals with a responsible and conscientious approach to performing various tasks in their industry profile in Santa Barbara County. The experience we have accumulated, as well as the availability of the necessary theoretical knowledge, give us the opportunity to dry-clean the car quickly and inexpensively.

The carpet steam cleaning we offer is carried out using modern chemicals that are absolutely safe for the health of the driver and passengers, and the price of our services will be a pleasant surprise even for the most demanding customers.


As a result of daily operation, microparticles gradually accumulate in the car interior, settling on various elements and penetrating deep into the filler of seats and carpet. 


Thus, a favorable environment is formed for the development of pathogenic microorganisms and small parasites whose vital activity can adversely affect the health of both children and adults. Car cleaning with steam, the price of which depends on the technology used, contributes to the creation of a beneficial microclimate.

Our team has extensive experience in carpet steam cleaning. We perform our work efficiently and efficiently. If you would like to order carpet steam cleaning or have questions, call us today! We will be happy to discuss everything with you!